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Foggy Window Repair and Replacement in St. Louis

Condensation in your windows?

Get the fog out of here! When you call Clear Window Technology Inc., we can be there in no time to help!

Not only is a foggy window unsightly to your guests, but if you don’t take action soon, you may cause even further damage and start losing money from high energy bills. You simply cannot ignore a foggy window!

Our team of professionals are trained and certified to handle any type of window problem and therefore, our 40 years of experience lends itself to a project like this. We can repair or fully replace your foggy window at an affordable price, allowing you to maintain your high curb appeal and improve your overall energy efficiency. 

Even if the manufacturer is out of business we can usually get the glass and parts you need so you can save money, extend the function of your window, and reduce landfill waste.

How Do Foggy Windows Happen?

Condensation occurs on the glass of windows when the surface is cooler than the surrounding air. In the wintertime, this happens because the air outside is cold and the interior air is warm.

Condensation can be a major sign that the window is no longer thermally efficient. This is usually because the thermal seal has broken and is no longer producing argon/krypton gas in between the panes of glass as it should be. When this happens, the space between is filled with standard air, which doesn’t have any insulation properties.

Broken seals and foggy windows can be caused by…

  • Intense direct sunlight or extreme cold
  • Single strength glass being used for double pane
  • Cheap materials
  • Cutting corners in manufacturing/ assembling a double pane of glass.
  • Installation
  • Holes around the seal as a result of aging

Window Condensation and Moisture Removal

Depending on the window size, the type of seal, the condition of the failed insulated glass, and the type of window seal, a small inconspicuous hole can be drilled through the outside pane of the foggy window to allow the window moisture to expel through a micro-valve.

Over the course of four to six weeks, the unit dries out and no new moisture is pulled in between the panes of glass through the broken thermal seal.

Our technicians can come out to your residence and perform this repair without any mess, waste, or inconvenience to you!

The Case for Foggy Window Replacement

get the fog out!We are happy to repair your foggy window, however, we’ve found from our 40 years of experience with this process that replacing the insulated glass is simply the best option for homeowners because…

Your window might be too stained – In many cases, calcium deposits from the water condensation and evaporation process can seep into the pores of the glass, making it nearly impossible to clean off.

The valve won’t work – If a window is assembled and sealed poorly (i.e. singular seal on unwashed glass during assembly), the broken seal might result in the glass being loosened from the spacer. This leaves zero pressure between the panes of glass, of which, pressure is needed in order for the valve to work.

We cannot repair rusted seals – Intercept spacer seals are another commonly used seal in low-grade windows. If the seal breaks in one of these, they rust when moisture gets inside the panes of glass, and we cannot repair rusted seals.

The evaporation process might not occur – When there are grids in between the glass, it interferes with evaporation through the valve.

We have learned that homeowners want good results. In many cases, fully replacing your window is the only option for the best results! Contact us now to learn more.

At Clear Window Technology Inc., we offer superior insulated glass with commercial seals. Our new insulated glass units are superior to most sealed units used on most modern replacement windows!

Contact us to come look at your foggy window in St. Louis. We will determine whether a repair or full replacement is right for you!