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Door Installation in St. Louis

Nothing lets in more light or fresh air than a patio door! So if you’re tired of a broken or outdated door or you’re just looking for a great way to enhance the look of your home, we have just what you’re looking for! At Clear Window Technology Inc., we have experience in door replacement, installation, and repair. We will always do our best to complete the job with superior craftsmanship and timeliness. While our main focus is on sliding patio doors, we also work with many other types, such as French doors, swing doors, and entry doors.

All of our patio door options lead the way in cutting edge engineering, energy efficiency, and beauty. But most importantly, they are made with only the strongest material to provide the best security possible for you and your family. Homeowners can now have a door that does it all without the premium price. Clear Window Technology Inc. installs patio doors that are elegant, functional, and perfect for waking your family up every morning to a bright new day!

Window Replacement
Window Replacement

Your full satisfaction important to us. Our installers will promptly come check out your home before the other guys even return your call. The estimates we provide are both realistic as well as competitive, and our team will efficiently conduct the work while being mindful of your busy schedule. Our technicians are ready for your call to install a patio door independently or along with the installation of an entry door. Contact us to learn more about all of our door services in St. Louis!

When it comes to repairing or replacing your sliding patio door, your home will always be in good hands. Our knowledgeable team and 40 years of experience has made us the number one sliding door company in the St. Louis area. Contact us now to come check out your home and see if a patio door is what you need in your home!

Sliding Patio Doors Installation and Replacement

If you are remodeling or building a new home, consider installing an energy efficient sliding patio door somewhere in your house where your whole family can enjoy it!

At Clear Window Technology Inc., we have installed and replaced patio sliding doors throughout the St. Louis area for more than 40 years, which means our entire installation process has been vetted for maximum efficiency. During your consultation, we will personally guide you through our many available options. From sliding doors with screens to ornate paneled French doors, we have a design to fit any person’s style.

Once you have designed the door of your dreams, we will carefully remove your old door, clean all around the frame, and then install the new door in its place. We are happy to provide full debris removal that will make it look as if we were never there.

With our full-service installation process, Clear Window Technology Inc. makes St. Louis patio doors affordable and headache-free. Fill out our form online to schedule a free in-home consultation or call our office today!