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Professional Installation of Your Replacement Home Windows in St. Louis


Clear Window Technology Inc. has been installing windows into the homes of St. Louis for almost 40 years. Our products are high quality, as is the integrity of our installation.

We know you’re looking for the most competitive price for replacement windows, which is why we offer options to fit any budget. Yes, you can get the best quality at an affordable price when you choose us!

Window Replacement

As homeowners look into renovating or updating their homes, one of the top things on their mind might be cutting down their heating and cooling costs. They quickly find out that replacing windows are a huge part of the equation.

Whether you need to replace one shabby window because it doesn’t fit your aesthetic purposes, or you want to completely change all the windows in your home for better energy efficiency, Clear Window Technology Inc. can take on the project, big or small!

Are you ready to make your home more attractive, comfortable, and cost-effective? To get started right now,  give us a call today or just fill out our quick online form to schedule your free in-home consultation with our local window experts in St. Louis.

Top 15 Signs You Need New Window Replacement

Your windows talk and you should start listening — especially if they are more than a few decades old!

Below are the top 15 signs to look out for.

  1. They rattle with the wind
  2. They are worn out, damaged, warped, or broken
  3. They are unsafe because they slam down when opened or visibly appear easy-to-break-into with signs of decay such as chipping, cracking, or rotting
  4. They are single pane (generally found in older houses)
  5. They are just plain ugly or outdated
  6. You have high energy bills caused by poor insulation
  7. You have difficulty opening or closing them because the components are heavy or hard-to-operate
  8. You have difficulty cleaning them
  9. There are cold spots in the areas nearby caused by wind and drafts
  10. There is condensation and frost buildup on the glass
  11. There is water leaking inside when it rains or snows
  12. The locks do not work properly
  13. When you touch the glass, it is either hot or freezing to the touch (depending on the season)
  14. The UV rays through the glass cause nearby furniture, drapes, carpet or photographs to fade or lose color
  15. Outside noises can be heard clearly through the window

If you have windows that are showing any of these signs, call us right now at 314-966-2666.

Benefits of Our Replacement Windows For St. Louis Homes

With a variety of types and styles to choose from, Clear Window Technology Inc. is a leading provider of high-quality, energy-efficient replacement windows in the St. Louis area. No matter what window you choose to best suit your home’s aesthetic, you can rest easy knowing we have provided quality craftsmanship with your installation.

  • Lasting durability: Our premier vinyl window frames are built for a lifetime of uncompromising performance. They will never crack, chip, peel, or fade. You won’t ever have to worry about window replacements for as long as you live there!
  • Perfect fit: We custom-fit your window to within an eighth of an inch, effectively preventing air leakage into and out of your home. There is no weakness left undetected in our installation process.
  • High energy efficiency: Our windows utilize dual-glazed and warm-edge insulating technology to increase your house’s energy efficiency, thereby, saving your hard-earned cash.
25% - 30%  Home's Energy Lost Through Windows

25% – 30%

Home’s Energy Lost Through Windows